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About Swiss Properties Invest

The problem to be solved
For an investor trying to accumulate wealth it is difficult to get a return on investment that consistently over long time will surpass the effects of taxation and inflation.

Our solution to the problem
Some investments and some places are significantly better than others when it comes to generating return on investment and accumulating wealth.

Investing in real estate has the great advantage of leverage (i.e., external financing) which can increase the return on the investment and even make the investment actively benefit from inflation.

Not all countries are created equal and Switzerland is simply a unique place to invest and accumulate wealth; it is not a coincidence that a significant part of the global private wealth is placed within the strong and stable Swiss economy!

Therefore, our solution to the problem of getting a sufficient return on investment in order to accumulating wealth over time is to invest in commercial real estate in Switzerland.

And we have the advantage of 15 years of experience in this highly exclusive market and an already existing portfolio of property projects worth more than 2.5 billion DKK with the supporting organisation of property, company and financial management in place!

The benefits to the investors
By investing in Swiss Properties Invest A/S, your investment contribution in DKK will automatically be converted into CHF and placed in Swiss commercial real estate.

The basic part of the return on investment will come from running a profitable business of renting out real estate in Switzerland. The profit generated (including the value appreciated) will be reinvested to accumulate more properties, to increase the overall rental income and ultimately to compound ever more value in Swiss Properties Invest A/S.

An additional return on investment is expected to come from the Swiss economy continuing to perform better than the Danish economy. During the last 15 – 20 years, CHF has increased approximately 50 % in value in comparison to DKK. We expect this trend to continue and, therefore, further increasing the overall return on investment for a Danish investor.

Listing Swiss Properties Invest A/S on Nasdaq First North gives the investors the special benefit of having liquidity in an investment which is otherwise meant to benefit from being the very opposite of liquid. In other words, the investors have the possibility of selling and buying shares at any time
on the stock exchange – and all the while the underlying investment consists of the accumulation of wealth from long-term ownership of real estate!

Investor relations

Board and Management of Swiss Properties Invest

Thorbjörn Graarud

Chairman of the board
Swiss Properties Invest AG and
Swiss Properties Invest A/S

Christian Seidelin

Vice President of the board
Swiss Properties Invest AG and
Swiss Properties Invest A/S

Kirsten Sillehoved

Member of the board and CEO
Swiss Properties Invest A/S

Keld Ostergaard

Swiss Properties Invest AG

Martin A. Märki

Swiss Properties Invest AG and
Swiss Properties Invest A/S

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